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Putting my latest ideas into practice ( it's all about the love yo)

In my latest post I talked about tailoring coaching sessions based upon the persons interests in the game. I tried putting this idea a lot into practice with great success. I not only had more productive sessions but I also got them to work on their game BY THEMSELVES (ZOMG)  and enjoy doing it at the same time. 


One thing I did was use the HU idea I discussed before but in a HH review. Instead of asking how do we play balanced here, I asked how do we play unpredictably here? How do you think your opponent will perceive your range if you do X and how can you exploit that? I had them  think about it from a purely strategical/intuitive POV. Then I simplified the problem based on their skill level, the less experienced they were at this the more I narrowed the scope. For example i'd ask an inexperienced player what would he do with KJ/AJ on a Jxx board and a more experienced player what should he do with all his Jx given future streets and the tendencies of his opponent. The problem became doable but also challenging, fun but yet important. I don't wanna oversimplify but I think these 4 elements are the key to great progress and consequently really hard to achieve really.


I'm starting to realize that my job is more about this then teaching ideas. If you teach someone an idea/concept they get better at that one spot but If you take a person who is jaded/apathetic about poker and have create an environment that has all 4 of those elements you can potentially change their entire career (if you don't understand what I mean let me know). The thing is, a lot of poker players are jaded/apathetic. They learn from videos, 2p2, backers etc. that the game needs to be approached in a certain way, that they have to play a X amount of tables, play X amount of days, and they lose sight of why they first played this game and what they loved about it. They spend nearly all their time trying to maximize their productivity and increase their hours/volume and not nearly enough time figuring out/remembering what they like/love and how to tailor their lives around that. If I can figure out ways to turn this around I think that will be huge. 


The 1 example above is just scratching the surface, people are so diverse/different that applying this idea on a person to person basis is incredibly complex/nuanced. I'm interested in hearing your experiences, how do you like to learn, what excites/interests you about the game thats different/unorthodox? It could be anything from the way u think about the game to the amount of tables you play. I'll provide feedback if I have any thats worthwhile. Hope you enjoyed this, thx for reading.


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