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Day 1: My 1st round of golf

I shot a 117 ( 56 in the front and 61 in the back, I played the back 9 1st tho) from the blues at a Par 71, for those of you not familiar with golf this is very bad. Heres my breakdown on different areas of the game.


Fairways hit: 10 of 12

Balls lost: 2

Avg distance: 200yd

As for my irons I'll just tell u I lost 7 balls and to take a look at this video and u will get a v good idea how that went. 



Duffs: 6 ( 5 of them in 1 bunker)

Avg dist. to cup when I got it on the green: 9FT


Total Putts: 31 with 3 3putts and 5 1putts. The greens were air rated tho which makes it a bit easier I guess.  


I'll play this course again at the end of this month as a measure of improvement ( i'll be using others as well.) Clearly I have a lot of room to improve and i'd love to shoot mid 90s next time around but would be happy with mid 100's




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