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A different argument on Trump v Clinton v Sanders

This is going to be a pretty different post on politics. I read a lot, and try to learn a lot and the thing that is really starting to bug me is seriousness and this need to be right. This need to come to a conclusion. It takes all the fun out of it. I believe there needs to be a balance and I’d like to go to the complete opposite extreme. These posts are unedited, grammatically incorrect and I’m sure I’ll say some stupid shit. It doesn’t come to clear cut answers but I do give some opinions. 


So for example Trump, everyone thinks he’s terrible and there are some people who think he will bring about positive change through chaos destruction and revolution! Then people try to tell them why they’re wrong or disagree. I haven’t seen anyone make the obvious argument tho (perhaps it’s not that obvious). That chaotic situations are ummmm chaotic and not really predictable. Yes Trump can bring about some really positive change by fucking up miserably and perhaps hilariously but he can also bring about awful things like nuclear war. Similarly I can shove 72o utg for 100bb and guess what I now have the chance to make 100bb with 72 can u believe it! Most people make 0 or lose an ante. 


At least when I shove with the 72 there are only 3-4 outcomes, I can double, bust, triple or chop. With Trump there are infinite different outcomes. INFINITE! We live in an extreme world where crazy shit happens and small changes can have a huge effect (butterfly effect). People who think that can predict these things are fooling themselves. Economists are paid to predict these things but I view most of them as modern day alchemists. 


I think the only thing you can say with confidence about a Trump presidency is that something radical will happen. I don’t think a Bernie president will be so cut and dried either. We can’t really know what the affects of these radical changes will be. Take his tax plan, do we really know how corporations are going to respond to him raising taxes on them? What about education, he wants free education for all but how will the universities react to this, they are just businesses after all (some are public I guess). The teachers?  Doesn’t the value of a college degree go down the more people that have one? If i have a finance degree wouldn’t I prefer if only 1k other people had one rather than 100k when looking for a job? How are they going to meet the increasing demand? Bigger classrooms? Will they have to decrease quality with the increasing demand? What will happen to the people who just have a high school degree, aren’t they fucked now because way more ppl will have a college degree in the future. That equals less job prospects and lower pay for them. I haven’t gotten as deep as I can go here, it’s fucking complicated. I haven’t even gotten to how doctors, hospitals corporations will respond to free health care. Shits complicated man you can’t predict what’s going to happen. 


What about Clinton though, she is probably the lowest variance candidate unless you think establishment politics is inevitably leading to the US’s downfall. Which is a decent argument. Perhaps though with 4 more years of a crappy government the Bernie type movement will be more effective. What if Bernie gets 4 years now and fails due to bad luck or a BLACK SWAN event, what will that do to the movement. To be honest I don’t care to talk about Hilary much because she’s so dishonest and plays politics like a game and switches sides whenever she deems it optimal. I respect the gamesmanship as a poker player but I don’t think it has a place in politics. 


I think personally Bernie is the person I’d vote for(if I wasn’t lazy and took the time to actually register to vote) and not because I KNOW whats going to happen if he wins but because I think he is intelligent, honest and a virtuous man. He’d be a pretty cool dad or person to have in your life whereas I’d hate having Clinton or Trump as an authority figure or parent in my life. I don’t respect them as people. There are definitely someone rolling their eyes at this remark and that’s fine, I realize it’s not a solid logical argument, but it’s how I felt at the time so I typed it out. 


I’m not here to impress anyone with perfectly sounding logical arguments. I do this because I enjoy it and like putting my opinions out there and showing there is another way to think and write. That thinking can be fun and flowing and random, tangential and even wrong and still be worthwhile.


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