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What to expect from the coaching


  • Improved motivation to study
  • Learn to isolate skills or specific areas of the game and improve them
  • Learn how to create optimal learning paths and study methods that best suit you
  • Learn how to create your own study methods that are interesting and that provide continuous improvement
  • Learn how to implement GTO concepts with or without PIO solver. In an intuitive or mathematical way or anywhere in between
  • Learn to build simplified ranges that are still high in EV relative to GTO and tough to exploit  
  • Learn what cognitive biases impede your ability learning and how to remove or mitigate them  
  • Learn how to improve at the game while playing 


Learning much of the stuff above minimizes dependence on the teacher and increases self reliance. If I give you strategic advice that’s definitely helpful but if I set u on a path to become a better self learner that pays dividends long after we’re done working together. The principles we discuss to improve on your own are also applicable to anything you want to learn as well. 


My experience

One of biggest assets ironically is that I was a 7th grade dropout. I obviously didn't have much skills or help after that so I was forced to become a self learner. 
About 5 years ago I became obsessed with teaching and a big part of that was deconstructing and improving my own learning process. On top of that I've spent 1000s of hours studying, reflecting, talking about how to teach and 1000s of hours more actually coaching poker. As far as poker skills go I’ve played for 15 years, over 20k hours and I have over 1.5mil in profit. 


My unique background and approach to teaching is the reason why my reviews are so unique and arguably the best in the business. I’m significantly undervalued at $100 per hour so take advantage of the fact that everyone else just wants to hire a high profile coach and they don’t care about how much time that person puts into learning the insanely complex craft that is teaching. 


Check out my Youtube channel for lots of videos of coaching sessions and how to learn. Here is one I did on range advantage.




What is For Profit Coaching?

For profit coaching means that in exchange for coaching you I get a % of your profits. That % is determined based on variables like volume, skill level, bankroll, past results etc.. 


What are the benefits of For Profit Coaching? 

I’m most effective when I can meet regularly with my students because we’re able to build continuity and I’m able to get a deeper understanding of you. Teaching is like poker in that the more reads you have the better decisions you can make. I like having less stress about time because that improves the learning process. When a student knows he’s going to get plenty of hours over the next month he’s more relaxed and open. 



You’ll also have the option of receiving 1 session a week where we either dive deep into the learning process or lifestyle coaching.  Lifestyle coaching can range from anything to mindset, health, meditation, relationships and basically whatever you can think of. Check out my site for more details and to see my reviews for this. 


My Rates for Hourly Coaching

$150 per hour or $140 per hour if you buy 10+ hours.


Free recorded coaching sessions


There are plenty of videos like the one below on my YT channel.



Justin 'Mmagic_Cards' - Daryl has been instrumental in my growth as a player this year. I wouldn't be nearly the player I am right now if I didn't make the decision to hire him as my coach.

On Jan 1st I knew that I needed someone not just to help me make better decisions at the poker table, but to guide me to success with poker. I had talked to Daryl before and it was clear that he was going to be a great choice. I just didn't know how good of a choice it would be.

Daryl's coaching method is fluid and adapting. We spend our time talking about situations that we find interesting. Some sessions involve HH review of a final table I played. We've spent sessions watching other coaches training videos and breaking down what we like and didn't like. Other sessions we'll spend deep in Pokerstove/splice/flopzilla thinking about a specific spot. Most importantly, we spend time working that I probably wouldn't have spent if I were alone. When I have a new idea or theory Daryl is there to work with it and see if it's viable and how we might use it in our daily games.


Jamie 'BuffySlayer' - I have been working with Daryl for the last few months and can say it has been a great decision.

Not only is Daryl very experienced as a poker player. He thinks deeply and on a high level about every naunce of the game.

With his help not only was I able to fix some leaks in my game but, also expand and develop the range of tools available to me as a player.

Furthermore, he also constantly seeks and explores new ideas without prejudice which is very rare as a poker player. The result of which sessions with him are always varied and intellectually stimulating.

For those serious about becoming a high level player coaching with daryl is a must

Mark 'Mcgcork' on stars- I play as mcgcork on stars and I have been fortunate enough to have Daryl coach me over the last few months in the same coaching for profit deal as described above.

He has completely transformed my game and opened my eyes to so many concepts and helped me plug some of my many leaks! I have had several coaching sessions with Daryl varying from live sweats, to HH reviews, to discussions over poker related topics/concepts where 2-3 hours feels like 15 minutes. He is incredible insightful and knowledgeable, very professional in his approach to coaching, and has a passion for poker and helping the likes of me to improve.

He is also very down to earth and understanding, and each session I have had with him has been very enjoyable and I feel like I have learned something new after each one. He really has made be think about poker in a completely different way.

I cant say much more, I would just highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve and take their game to the next level.


Terry Fan - just wanted to come here and share my experience with Daryl as a coach. 

I was first introduced to Daryl back in about 2008/2009 time when I wanted to improve my mtt game as a cash game specialist. It didn't take long for us to start working together and I had to say that Daryl opened my eyes when it comes to the mathematical approach of the game. Later that year I finished a live tourney in Cebu with 5th place finish for about 33k score. I don't think I would've made that deep run without his help. 

If you'd like to improve your mtt game and mathematical approach of the game, Daryl is def the guy to go.


Neil 'Ncabw'- I'm currently being coached by aaaaaaaa and find him 2 be very easy 2 work with. If your looking 2 put in work off the tables 2 improve your game, Daryl will definitely be a great coach 4 you.

Hes easy to talk 2. knows what hes doing and is always looking 4 different ways to help you. Weather it be with the studying he recommends, HH reviews, Sweat sessions, links 2 articles/videos you will see big improvements in how you look at MTT poker. 

his past success and his knowledge of how the game is still being played makes him a great coach.


Jeff 'pokerstuff'- Interested in making thousands of $$$ in your underwear playing MTTs from home? Daryl is the man that can show you how to do it! I almost had to get a real job but then I met Daryl and now I don’t have to make small talk about American Idol with co-workers who I would most definitely hate.

Darly will teach you how to crush poker all you need to do is be willing to put in the work with him. I used to think Mtts were just playing tight early then winning a few flips late but Daryl showed me there’s some **** to be done in between that stuff. He straight up knows the game of poker and goes so deep when discussing a hand he’s basically a poker pornstar.

This man will get you thinking about the game correctly and turn you into a profitable money machine. Stop wasting time and PM him right now!


Sam 'runlikeyum' I have been working with Daryl under the profit option for nearly 3 months now. Daryl's poker knowledge is obviously awesome but his approach on how to think better about poker and sharpening up your fundamentals is game changeing. My poker drastically improves week on week right now and thats thanks to Daryl's guidence. I talk to alot of people who play alot, make moneyz etc but Daryl is something different....a true pro amongst pro's.

Happy to reccomend Daryl to anyone.


Infinity899 - It's been a pleasure working with Daryl ! Within few seconds at our first session he found a leak which we immediately fixed. Daryl is not just answering your questions he makes u think the right answer.


Christian 'Pkrbt' - Past october I decided to switch from cash games to tournaments for a challenge and i decided to hire Daryl as a coach. While i had experience with deep stack play, i had a bunch of leaks with regards to short-medium stack play and other parts of the tournament game and i was able to fix a bunch of them with the guidance of Daryl. His way of teaching is not giving you the info up-front but try and get you to come to the right conclusion so it sticks with you long term. He also puts a lot of weight on the math of the game (i'm really lazy and need to work a bunch on it fwiw).
He is also very friendly outside of the scheduled sessions and has helped me with moral support in regards to other personal stuff, so he really likes to help you become a better player overall .
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good coach, who wants to help and be involved in your evolution as a tournament player.


Anthony 'Thabusiness' definitely recommend.daryl is a awesome dude.very cool to talk with and very helpful in the way he coaches.makes you think about the different spots you are working on and gets you on the path to how to figure it out and think correctly.He looks at your game and coaches to your needs.He also gives the skills to be able to better your game on your own away from sessions.


Marc 'Aznallin007'- I don't post much but felt obligated to post here because Daryl has changed my career. We have done 7 hours so far and I am 10x the player i was before. I have had coaching from many great players, but the way Daryl explains situations puts him in another class. 

I am currently ranked in the top 5 on sharkscope for the merge network and would be stupid to think that Daryl didnt have a massive effect on that.

If you want to go from GOOD to Great, get on his program.
Gl all


Jono 'Ballallday12' - ballallday12 on stars here,
I have been working with Daryll for about 10 months now and within our first few sessions he just completely enhanced my approach to the game. Shortly after those first few sessions and a bit of volume during the 2013 SCOOP I flew into New Orleans the day after 1 of our sessions and won my first bracelet in the WSOP National Championship. Down to 4 tables I specifically used Daryll's approach to end game and it added so much balance to bring home the win. 
If I was half as good a student as Daryll is a coach I would be at that next next level in no time. And that is true for everyone else. I hate this thread because it just means that there are going to be more and more sickos with "the force" that Daryll brings to your game. A session w Daryll is like a session at the gym where if you come prepared and ready for work you can make significant gains in your understanding of the game. He makes you feel as if you are teaching him at times. I highly recommend to anyone who is wanting to take the game serious. I am booking 10 more hours asap.


Volkan 'IV. Geoffrey' - he is a great mtt player , def a catch !

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