Daryl Jace

Teacher, Blogger, Poker player.

I do coaching sessions specifically on the learning process for any area you want to learn. The rules for how to learn are universal and to be honest this is what I’m most passionate about when it comes to teaching. It’s why I emphasize self reliance and teaching how to study in my poker coaching. The benefits of this are: 



  • Learn faster (duh)
  • Overcome blocks to your learning i.e motivational, difficulty, perfectionism and fear of failure
  • Learn how to use interconnectivity to make the learning process more fun and create unique/valuable sets of skills/knowledge
  • Get into flow state more often
  • Greater enjoyment of the learning process and less stress (I care about this aspect more than all the others)
  • Build a stronger foundation of love for the subject you’re learning (this is important for longevity) 
  • Learn to get hard shit done with less willpower 



I also teach people how to teach. Once again the principles to teaching are universal so I can help regardless of what it is you’re trying to teach. I’m done writing the benefits of stuff so you can just figure it out on your own or ask me if you’re interested. My rates for both of these are $100 per hour. 


My experience

One of biggest assets ironically is that I was a 7th grade dropout. I obviously didn't have much skills or help after that so if I was going to learn I had to do it on my own. In the 1st decade I studied many topics, mostly poker related like math, logic, statistics, probability etc.. After that  I became obsessed with teaching and my area of study broadened. I studied the fundamentals of teaching, peak performance, psychology, social/emotional intelligence, philosophy, writing, introspection, meditation, emotional intelligence and so on. I used what I learned in poker coaching sessions and I did a lot of them. Thousands of hours with many different clients I had to adjust to. I reflected on those sessions, learned from them, honed my skills and continued to study. 


For the past few years I've been trying to figure out what I can teach best. I tried offering free problem solving sessions on any area they'd like and it was great. In fact I still might do it but I know this is what I can personally do best. 


So you made it to the end of this thing, if you're interested read the reviews below (Most of them are from the problem solving sessions I've done). If after reading them you're still interested you can email me or message me on twitter @fkscreenname or Facebook. My rate is $100 per hour. 

Reviews (I will post good, bad and all reviews in between. This isn't just the best reviews)





I am a mid-high stakes Hold'em Cashgame player, and I've also coached well over 50 students over hundreds of hours. While I am not Daryl's typical clientele, I read reviews in here discussing how effective of a teacher he is and how he aims to help students refine their own learning process. I felt that he had something to offer my own coaching practice, so I decided to message him.

Since then, I've worked with Daryl across multiple hours, recently purchasing a 10-hour package. However, Daryl and I have never spoken about my poker game specifically. What we discuss is a mix of concepts that few if any people teach, and our discussions have provided extremely helpful perspective and clarity on many issues that are difficult to navigate on my own. We have spent several hours working on things such as:

 * How to ask effective questions
 * How to approach listening and what to look for
 * How to approach constructing your own teaching and learning models
 * How to better understand other people so that you can more effectively influence and guide them
 * How to understand my own teaching and learning method to improve my effectiveness both as a coach and as a student

I have also referred Daryl to several of my IRL friends who have nothing to do with poker - entrepreneurs, guys in the finance world, friends still in school - as I feel strongly that his ability to help people clearly navigate otherwise cloudy and intangible issues is a skillset that would benefit many intelligent and driven people with problems to solve. I have actively encouraged Daryl to flesh out this area of his skills, as I feel like the value he has to offer extends to far beyond the poker world. The fact that he also has an advanced poker mind, and thinks like a poker player, is only icing on the cake for me.

If anything that I've said in my post has resonated with you at all, I really recommend reaching out to Daryl. He's a great guy who clearly gives a fuck, and is great at what he does.




Daryl’s problem solving coaching is a great idea for anyone looking to improve in many areas of life to better themselves. The best thing about the coaching is that it’s very versatile. You can focus on a specific problem and he offers great feedback. Also you can get deeper into the problem and he can help look at other factors that could be a cause of the issue and how to fix it at the root of the problem. As many other reviews have said, Daryl is a great listener, is great at connecting with you, and really takes away any kind of awkwardness that I was originally worried about. I would highly recommend giving his problem solving coaching a try!



I had a real life "problem solving" session with Daryl and it seemed like he really understood my issues and he helped me realize how i should handle them. He also gave me a lot of great tools and explained how i should use them to improve at what I'm doing wrong. It was a very interesting and helpful session, very recommended.




Daryl shares his experience and thoughts on problems we have while being objective at the same time. It is helpfull to know what an open minded person like him thinks about those problems and also what is most important imo he often leads you to answers by asking right questions.

Rich R.


Spending just an hour on the phone with Daryl brought me an actionable result which has changed the way I retain information forever. Instantly I felt a rapport with him that was authentic. No awkward pauses, no forced conversation. Just challenging questions and good relevant conversation even when it wasn't exactly "on-topic". 


It is obvious he has a fire for teaching, and I feel fortunate to have been able to get a free session as he finds his feet. I have little doubt Daryl will be able to charge a pretty penny for the services he is offering sooner rather than later. 


Steven T.


Daryl is great at helping you look at the big picture. Discussing some of my issues and fears with Daryl has allowed him to show me alternative methods of thinking and additional ways to problem solve. He is really listened to me and showed compassion. He has been great continuing to follow up with me and has helped provide balance in my life.


Devin V. 

I really enjoyed being able to discuss an array of topics with Daryl. His insight and way of seeing different perspectives gave me many ways to start looking at the subjects we had discussed. I look forward to having another session with him soon.

Devin V.


Michael N. 


I would recommend Daryl to anyone struggling to deconstruct something they are tying to improve at. He asks the challenging questions and works with you to come up with an action plan. He helped me understand the things that are holding me back motivated me to push myself outside my comfort zone. I would highly recommend Daryl to anyone that is struggling to reach their full potential."

Chris M. 


I’ve collaborated on various projects with Daryl in the past, and our sessions together unquestionably influenced my progression as a poker player.  Daryl is an astute listener, an incredibly intelligent-if-unorthodox conversationalist, and beyond that he often wonders often about why we think and act in the ways that we do. More recently, I’ve been contemplating some big-picture life decisions, and couldn’t quite escape the feeling that I had much room for improvement in my learning methods and study habits.  After but a few conversations with Daryl on subjects ranging from learning models to habit formation to motivation, I experience less mental blockage in my day-to-day decisions, and feel more solidified in my longer-term goals and the overall direction of my work life.  
 Chris M.

Mark M


I've just had one session so far with Daryl and found it immensely helpful to discuss both life and poker related issues.  Daryl has an underrated skill of actually being able to listen, in turn providing honest feedback for a thought provoking discussion. He has made me thing about several things in a different light. I highly recommend.

Matt W


I did a short 28 minute Skype session with Daryl &  he was extremely insightful. I found his advice extremely helpful and I would recommend him to anyone who is questioning any decision they are contemplating.



I have been working with Daryl as a coach for my pokergame before and was very happy with his approach of making me question myself, not just making me a passive part of the coaching, while still giving me alot of nice ideas and inspirations. Now I have been getting a lesson from him on writing. Again I was very happy with how he approached my problems, making me question my bad thought patterns while finding solutions to break them, as well as giving me book recommendations on the subject. I can very much recommend Daryl as a coach for anyone who wants to improve his productivity in life

James H. 

I would recommend Daryl to virtually anyone I care about that wants to put work into improving. Daryl is great for a fresh, honest, and thought-out perspective on whatever you might need help with. He really enjoys helping people and it shows in his work. Daryl challenges you to be honest with yourself about your areas of concern and helps you to formulate and implement a solution that will work for you if you are serious about improving. In my experience the skills you will learn and knowledge you will gain from Daryl you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Victor D.

I had two session with Daryl. We discussed both poker and non-poker issues. Daryl has got a unique ability to tackle problems from different angles, asks very challenging questions and would let me come up with solutions myself, which I find very motivating.

 He is very empathetic: 10 mins into the session and I felt like talking to and old friend. 

(It is great taking about rollercoaster rides with someone who has ridden every possible one)  

What I also enjoyed is his style of humour/ sarcasm without losing focus on important subject and/or derailing thoughts.

Chris P. 

I was working with Daryl now and then on my poker skills. When I heard that now he offers help also in other part of life, I knew that it was exacly what I needed. 

You know, it might sound strange that somebody offers help with your problems. We often even don't like to talk about them, even with our friends or family. A person from outside of your world, with a fresh look on your problems, can help you make things easier.

When I contacted Daryl, I didn't even know exacly how to describe my problems. I knew that I was struggling, but I wasn't exactly sure why. With asking the right questions, he helped me to focus on the source of my problems and that really helped me to handdle them. 

 We went through how the problem looks like, how I feel about it. He made me to dig deeper into my problems and emotions connected with them. 

I am writting that review couple months after we talked and now looking back I realised how much I was able to 'build' after I fixed my issues. I can truly admit that I was lucky to reach Daryl at the right time. If you are struggling with something, give it a try. I am sure that you will not regret it.

Kyle W.


Coaching sessions with Daryl are truly inspiring. I needed help with getting motivated being healthy and other aspects of my life that have been affecting me for some time.  That is why I chose Daryl Jace. Not only is he superb at finding the underlying problem, but he creates a great way to define and measure your success. The solutions I got from Daryl were unique and informative and I must say I love his approach to coaching. I look forward to my next sessions and constant improvement all thanks to Mr. Jace! Highly recommended!

Monro S. 


Within the first few minutes of speaking with Daryl, he recommended a book which was one of the most enlightening and helpful I ever read.  He has had similar recommendations since.  Daryl  is a deep thinker with strong intuition and an open mind.  He takes a holistic and unconventional  approach to problem solving.  I recently worked with Daryl on a specific  issue that I had both researched and been thinking about extensively. He was still able to introduce me to new material  and make me look at the situation from a different perspective.  Daryl is very knowledgeable about the human condition and has the ability to guide people in a positive direction that helps fulfill their potential.



Doug L.


"I have had several private life coaching sessions with Daryl, and they have helped me tremendously. It is nice to just have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of, but Daryl is a resource that is more than just that. Daryl is a really good listener and has a knack for steering the conversation in a very productive and thought provoking manner. In our time together there were several occasions where I was seeking advice to solve a problem which was not really the true problem, and Daryl was able to help me see where the problems really were,and helped me to come up with plans for attacking those problems. If you are struggling to maintain the daily routines you would like to have, or are trying to figure out how to achieve the lifestyle you want, give Daryl a shot. You'll be glad that you did."